YOUTH BASEBALL is broken.  Our youth across the country are not being taught the basic fundamentals of baseball and life lessons associated with it.  Travel baseball has created a mindset that plastic trophies, rings, and belts identify the best team and who is part of the greatest organizations.  This mindset has created a culture where games played are at an all time high and player development is at an all time low. 

Our experience in youth sports has allowed us to meet many talented kids throughout the country that are not being taught the basic fundamentals of baseball and the life lessons that come with it.  Travel baseball has taken our nation by storm.  People have been brainwashed to think that playing in tournaments every single weekend with little to no player development is what their kids should be doing.  The truth of the matter is that the travel baseball culture has caused the demise of good coaching, strong leadership, and consistent parenting.  Travel baseball has created a philosophy that plastic trophies and “Winning” indicate who is the best team and who is a part of the greatest organization.  Coaches and parents have bought into this philosophy and sacrifice too much just to “Win”.  Player development is now at an all-time low.  Coaches and organizations are using players for their immediate talents and/or their maturity and have total disregard to their physical and mental well-being in the process.  While the short-term outcome is gratifying where do you see your child in 3-5 years without player development and accountability?  The long-term effects of travel baseball will be devastating to our youth today if we as society do not do something about it.

“TRAIN MORE PLAY LESS” was created to bring our sport and its teachings back.  We are dedicated to having a powerful impact on our players across their lifespan.  We want to GOVERN our baseball, so we know our players are being developed the correct way.  For us to achieve this, we must make sure our families and players across the country understand there are more important goals than winning tournaments every weekend.  Training properly and learning life lessons now is what makes you GREAT.  Games are an important part of the process, but they are not the MOST important part of the process.

Robinson Baseball proudly supports "TRAIN MORE PLAY LESS"

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